Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Woohoo, It Worked

The Amused collar mods I mentioned in my previous post worked! Yay, now I can breathe a sigh of relief. Before putting my knitting away last night, I tried the sweater on to check the fit and discovered that I'll have to add length with whatever yarn I have leftover. Since I don't want to unravel all that time-consuming ribbing I did, I think I'll cut it somewhere in the stockinette section between the ribbing and panel join. I can add some more stockinette, grafting it back together when I'm done. If it turns out I don't have enough yarn to do that, which depends on the sleeves, then I'll still cut it. But instead of adding length, I'll rip back some of the ribbing and re-knit it as stockinette. Basically, the distance between the panel join and the ribbing is shorter than it should be.

American Idol
As I mentioned before, I like Alexis Grace, the American Idol contestant who kicked butt last night. I think the top spots will go to her, Danny, and Anoop. Rocky Braddy has a good voice, but I don't think he'll beat out Anoop's popularity. We'll see. I didn't like the performances of any of the other girls, except maybe Jackie Tohn's. She doesn't have the vocal chops, but she's somewhat fun to watch. I read that she's had all sorts of small roles on several TV shows.

Thanks to all the gray skies and cold weather returning yet again, I thought I'd post a pic or two from the Outer Banks and Kure Beach :-)

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