Friday, February 20, 2009

Almost There

Beaufort, NC, August 2004
Last night I finished the second sleeve on Amused. Normally, I'd be done and ready to block. But now I plan on adding length in the stockinette below the panel join. At first I thought I could just disect it, grafting it back on after adding extra length. When I tried the sweater on though, I noticed that I could definitely use a few increases since the ribbing is getting stretched out a bit. So... I think I'll rip back to the panel join (which might include re-doing it slightly) and start from scratch, adding increases when doing the stockinette. I might also do a regular BO in rib since it looks so nice on the collar. I will be finishing this sweater soon! BTW, I have just under two skeins left, so I'll be able to add whatever length and number of increases I want. Yay!

I wore my Pomatomus socks to bed last night -- oh the comfort and warmth! Yet they weren't too warm, surprisingly, maybe because of the almost indiscernable yarnovers. Usually I have to kick off my socks at some point, but these didn't overheat. I highly recommend this yarn (Imagination from Knit Picks). However, next time I'd like to try Knit Picks Essential sock yarn in kettle dyed Spruce. It has a nice yet muted mixture of greens and blues. I think this would show the pattern better and be closer to the colorway of the original pattern yarn.

While feeling a tad bit miffed that I couldn't finish my sweater (yet again) last night, I attempted to CO for my Firestarter socks. I found out that I was too tired though, as I couldn't even count the tiny CO stitches correctly. I'll get to them sometime soon, but there's no hurry like there is with making my next long sleeve sweater, Tubey. It's my last official cold weather sweater on my queue. It should go fast and be fun. I'm excited that I'll be knitting with blue, Swish Worsted in Marine Heather, since I've knit a ton of green lately: CPH and Amused, not to mention that I just wore my olive green Somewhat Cowl yesterday! With all the green, you'd never know that blue is my favorite color ;-)

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Liz said...

You are crazy!!! I can't believe that you're ripping it out!!!