Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Amused and Pomatomus Update

Got a LOT done today! I started 7 rnds below the join and did about 4-5 inches of ribbing. Many times I've used tubular BO, but not for 2x2 rib. Since the Fall 2008 Interweave Knits has an article that shows how, I plan on using that for the BO, except I won't be doing any tubular prep rows. (So, I guess I should really call it invisible BO like IK does.) Here's a progress pic:
My usual method of ribbing using the combined method is slow going as usual. But, it's worth it. The yarn has been wonderful to work with. I've only come across one felted join, which happened tonight. All I had to do was go back later to the affected stitch and snip it, replacing it with a new stitch from a spare strand of yarn. I can't wait to finish the ribbing and move on to the final parts. I think I'll do the collar first, just in case I run low on yarn. I can always make the sleeves shorter, especially on my short arms.

One more thing. I did decreases on the last row before the panels get joined together. In hindsight, I'd suggest following the ribbing pattern when decreasing, using k2tog and p2tog. So on the right front panel WS: slip 1 p-wise, then use k2tog and p2tog (according to st pattern) across the remaining 24 sts decreasing the panel sts to a total of 13. Use the same decs for the left front panel, purling the last stitch. On the next row (RS), join the front panels as written.

Got a lot done on these, too. Well, I ran into a problem along the way, though. Last night I began the foot while watching 24. Oopsie -- must've been completely engrossed because I lost a few sts on the instep. I was like, "Heyyyyy, how'd I go from 36 sts to 33?!" I grabbed some dental floss and a needle to thread a lifeline through the last good rnd, which ended up being the last rnd of the gusset. It took a while to do that plus knit back to where I was before! Everything's hunkie dorie now, so I'm happy. I just have to figure out where to begin the toe decreases since 2 inches seems long for my shorter than average toes ;-)

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Kristie said...

Sweater is looking good Jackie! you are sooo fast!

And I have REALLY short toes, too, so I understand about the socks. :)