Sunday, February 22, 2009

Almost There Update

While finally watching Nights In Rodanthe last night, I worked away on my Amused pullover (Sorry, no pics. I'm waiting to actually finish before I take any more.). Prior to watching the movie, I'd ripped back to the panel join. From there, I added an extra cable repeat while simultaneously adding three sets of short rows for the bust. Both of these additions allowed the panel join to fall at my underbust. The short rows are lower than standard relative to the underarm, yet it somehow worked out in this case. That might be because I nowadays tend to favor roominess on the lower half of my bust. After all, I'm not twenty anymore! :-) This 2nd time in doing the panel join, I made sure to make my decreases in pattern before the join. The other thing I did was to add backstitching at the base of the panel join to reinforce it and also to create a dividing line. I'll be sure that my FO pics show this. After joining, I made 5 paired waist increases at the sides (20 total) every 6 rounds. I'm making my stockinette section 2 inches longer than the pattern, but I will do 6 inches of ribbing as written. My total length from the underarm will be 15 inches. While working on the ribbing I thought I'd better try it on to see how the waist increases appeared with the ribbing pulling in below them. Luckily, everything looks OK. Whew! I was worried that I'd have to rip back a 2nd time and try to figure out a better way to get back the sts lost in the panel decreases.

Getting back to Nights In Rodanthe... I was a little disappointed. Having been to the Outer banks twice now, I was really looking forward to seeing familiar sights other than Serendipity, the house shown in the outdoor shots. All I got was Richard Gere driving along Hwy 12 the wrong direction, a pier, and some questionable accents. The movie shows Paul (Richard Gere's character) driving north as he approaches the beach house on the right. This didn't make sense considering that earlier they showed him on US64 crossing the Virginia Dare Memorial Bridge which is north of Rodanthe. You'd have to head south, not north, to get to Rodanthe. Get it right people. The other thing that peeved me was that it was yet another Nicholas Sparks romantic tragedy. Are ALL his books tragic romances?! If so, I'm done with him. I don't mind dramas, but not ones where I can expect someone to die every single time. BTW, for such big-name actors, the storyline was lacking. I felt sorry that they had to be in this movie (HELL-o: Viola Davis, James Franco, and Christopher Meloni were given such substandard supporting roles). Grr...

Back to knitting... If I finish Amused today, I'll CO for Tubey and/or Firestarters. Yeah, new projects! After Tubey, I guess I'll fix Blaze's yoke. Then I might frog my DROPS tank to make a spring/summer top. We'll see :-)

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