Thursday, February 05, 2009

Queue Thoughts

I just mentioned on my Knit Picks blog what's next for me in sweater knitting after I finish Amused:
1. Tubey
2. Blaze
and now adding a new one here
3. Fifi

Yes, Fifi! You heard me right. If you've followed my knitting, you'll remember this is the sweater that I frogged MULTIPLE times after which I finally changed the neckline CO to my liking. Not only did I change the neckline, but I added long sleeves and lowered the yoke pattern. Looking back, I would keep my version of the neckline, but not lower the yoke pattern or make longer sleeves. There also needs to be more attention paid to the fit around the armhole in front. The raglan seam needs to end in a place where the sleeve depth won't be too large this time. The last time I made the raglan seam short and CO the same number of sts for the sleeve and body. The number of CO sts was too high because I had to decrease rapidly on the sleeve, which didn't sit well with me. The challenge is factoring the alternating cable-rib pattern (an odd multiple of 5) into my decisions. Anyway, I'm looking forward to knitting Fifi again, this time as a spring/summer/fall sweater. Hmm... Comfy, Shine Worsted? I liked's Sonata, but I'd like to use a different cotton yarn for this. I'm thinking Comfy!

Before Fifi, I'm going to fix my Blaze sweater. It's a nice and cozy zigzag cable sweater with elbow-length sleeves made in Euro Yarns Peru DK Luxury. Too big, though. Oh man, I'll really hate frogging it. Although, I might not have to start completely over -- we'll see.

One more thing. My Harmony wood cable needles are on their way! I ordered those back on January 9th to help with the reversible cables on my Amused sweater. Though I've almost finished the front panels already, I'll still be able to use them on the collar :-)

Non-Knitting News:
I'm almost back into regularly working out. I've gone from once a week to twice a week. Since the Biggest Loser Cardio Max dvd is so hard, I wanted to ease back into it rather than taking on too much from the start. I'll be SO relieved when I can get outside and run again. That will be much easier to stick with, and I won't have to worry about injuring someone who gets too close. I do plan on keeping one or both of the Biggest Loser dvds as part of my weekly routine so that I have some strength training.

Time to knit!

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Kristie said...

you ARE bringing Amused tonight, right?! I want to see it!!! :)

And thanks for your help with Cowichan... I could not think of how to spell it and I honestly thought it was spelled weirder than that, like with a Q or X or something weird. LOL!

Oh and how do you feel about knitting things over? I guess I've not really been into it because there are so many more things out there I want to make, so if I get to the finish line, I'm not apt to make the same thing over. However, for hats, mittens, slippers, etc, those don't fall into that category.