Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Amused FO Pics Part 1

with flash
without flash
cable detail

Pattern: Amused from Knitty Winter 2008
Yarn: Swish Worsted in Lawn by Knit Picks (9 skeins total; 990 yd)
Needles: US 9 Knit Picks Options
Size: S (with added length, bust short rows, and waist increases)

Though I had to do a little frogging here and there, it was worth it! I've discussed in great detail, sometimes too much detail for my own liking, all the trials and tribulations of knitting this pattern. Now that it's done and I can look back, I have some final thoughts.

First and foremost, I'm so thankful to have been given this yarn from Knit Picks! Who knew I'd be so lucky to win a yarn giveaway? It was really wonderful to be acknowledged for my knitting, however any of we winners were selected. Whatever it was that caught someone's eye, I feel honored to have been chosen. :-)

Second, I probably wouldn't have messed with the cable pattern on the collar. It was really more trouble than it was worth. I found that neither my modification nor the pattern are perfect. It just comes down to choosing which way looks better to you, or maybe which imperfection you can live with: shifted cables or a missing column of K2. Can you can tell which imperfection I chose? Hopefully, it's not that obvious.

Third, when I added the waist increases between the panel join and the ribbing, I probably should've started it sooner. Actually, I would've cast on some extra body and sleeve stitches at the base of the raglan seam. My gut told me to, but I didn't listen.

The final thing I would've made different were the slipped stitch selvages along the cable edge. In hindsight, I'd probably slip the knit stitches purlwise rather than knitwise. This would be to achieve a more symmetrical look when folding over the collar. I'm doing this now on Tubey (on the tube/head opening). Slipping purlwise on both sides seems to look the nicest to me.

Mods I made that I would do again? Short rows for the lower bust, adding length to the sweater in the stockinette section, lowering and backstitching the base of the cable panels, decreasing the panel bases before the join, and making symmetric M1's for the raglan seams. Also, though I'd do it differently, this sweater wouldn't possibly have fit had I not made waist increases.

Now I just need to get pics of me modeling it!
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