Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blog Updates and Such

If you follow this blog, you'll notice I added the followers widget under my profile picture on the right. For you Eighties fans like myself, I added the PacMan widget, too (see bottom right). I warn you, though, it's pretty hard using only the arrow buttons!

What blog readers do y'all use? Since there's a link on my dashboard, I just tried out Google Reader today. I'll have to look more into it. Until now I've ignored using readers. But, there are some blogs on Ravelry that won't show up under my Friends' Blogs tab. So, I thought I'd try Google reader. Hmm, I better add the reader as a link on my sidebar...

I took Marie and Ian to the zoo on Monday! It's the first time since that balmy Sunday when we went to see Wildlights. Many animal exhibits were closed until spring. But, we did get to see elephants, a rhino, penguins, and all the indoor animals. Marie made it her mission to stamp through every muddy puddle of water, leaving her shoes and pantlegs soaked. Ian's favorite part of our trip was the aquarium. He kicked his feet while "talking" to the fish. Marie loved manning the boat in the manatee building. She didn't even watch the 3-screen video that played in front of her. I did, though. It relaxed me and made me sleepy because it's like you're actually riding in a boat in Florida where manatees live. I can't wait to visit the zoo again, now that the cold weather is lessening its grip.

American Idol looks like it's going to be good again this year. Last night, I saw a guy perform who they've never shown before who was really, really good. I don't recall his name, but he and Danny, the guy who's wife died, are my early favorites. I'm curious to see how they do tonight.

For followers of The Amazing Race, I think there's a middle-aged Columbus couple on this season. Not sure when the season starts, but I'll be sure not to forget about it like I did last fall. Anyway, the woman from the Columbus couple was doing pull-ups in the promo clip I saw! I can't even do one pull-up, so I was impressed. Good for her!

DWTS will be starting in the next month. Right now I'm watching The Biggest Loser and enjoying it this time. Last fall was all about crazy drama. They still play the over-the-top dramatic music, but the contestants are so much more likeable and are there for the right reasons. The show has been reminding me to get off my butt. On the most recent episode, Bob (the trainer) had his team walk to Subway, only to make them walk another 2 miles to another Subway to eat lunch. In all, they walked 10 miles from the ranch and back. That had to have taken forever. Sometimes I'd like to go away and stay on an exercise ranch and not be able to leave until I got back to an acceptable size. To have 24-hr access to trails, pools, exercise equipment, and nutritionists with few outside distractions would be a dream. Yeah, I could handle going to one of those health spas out in Sedona. Um-hmm, yep. Ooh, add some knitting to that while I'm resting my weary muscles... even better!

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