Monday, February 16, 2009

Amused 2x2 Tubular BO

Using Interweave Knits' Fall 2008 instructions on 2x2 tubular BO, I finally finished the body of Amused. Like the 2x2 tubular CO, one of the knits is slanted, but at least the look is consistent. It wasn't as hard as I thought. The mantra is still K P P K; the knits are done in front (K P), and the purls are done in back (P K). After about a dozen sts, I had it down. Whether the two knits are side by side or separated, you always work two knits for the K P in front. Similarly, you always work P K for two purls from behind regardless of where the purls are located. Upon finishing the BO, I flipped the ribbing over and noticed that the BO looked nicer on the inside. Interesting. I might try working 2x2 tubular BO on the WS the next time I use it.

On to the collar! I currently have 4.5 skeins left. I got a little worried when I was doing the ribbing because I began to wonder if I'd have enough yarn. The last thing to mention is that I'll be able to try out my new KP Harmony cable needles for the collar. :-)

Non-Knitting News
I've added some new links to my blog's sidebar, all LOTR and Harry Potter related. It's nice to have those in one easily accessible location. BTW now that I've finished the last Harry Potter book, I'm yearning to read Tolkien again. But, I'll have to wait until I finish my current book, The Terror by Dan Simmons. I've also been, and I admit this with a red face, getting addicted to the PacMan game widget I added to my blog sidebar! Marie loves to watch while I play -- her favorite things are the music and whenever I eat the ghosts or the ghosts eat me.

Is anyone else watching Mark and Olly's adventures on the Travel Channel? They journey to remote indigenous communities and ask to live and learn the ways of the people. It's really interesting! Their latest quest, shown Sunday nights, is a remote Amazon community in Peru called the Machigenga. Poor Olly always gets little respect from the men for his lack of hunting prowess and from the women for his "lack" of sex appeal. It's addictive watching that show. I watched the whole marathon of the older journey (in West Papua with the Kombai and Mek tribes) two weeks ago which led up to the new Amazon journey!

Speaking of world travel, did anyone see The Amazing Race premiere last night? It was cool to see how well the Columbus team did! They breezed through the cheese challenge. I loved watching the train travels in Switzerland and Italy. Gotta go someday :-)

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Karen said...

That cast off looks fab. I must check it out.

Both shows sound fun. Interesting to see what is sexy across cultures.