Monday, February 02, 2009

TYC Blocking!

Yay! Except for sewing on the buttons, my Tangled Yoke Cardigan is finally done. Woohoo! It's currently soaking in Kookaburra -- Mmm, can't wait until it's dry! I found some small brown circular buttons that have an orange-brown center. I think they'll be a good match.

There are two more repeats to go and I'll have the yoke done on my Amused pullover. This sweater is going so much faster than TYC since I've jumped from using sport to worsted. It's nice to work with Swish again -- so soft. I haven't worked with merino since Marie's peekabo playground mittens.

In non-knitting news, our DVD player died. All this cold weather has resulted in excessive use. I think we ran it into the ground playing a million kid movies! We're lucky that it lasted this long because it's the first and only DVD player we've ever had. Until we get a new one, we'll be watching movies on the laptop or main computer. OHHH NOOOO, I hope I can do my DVD Biggest Loser workout by laptop! I didn't think of that until now...

Some good news: it might be warm enough to venture outside later this week :-)


Kristie said...

Congrats Jackie! I hope you wear it Thursday so we can all marvel at your amazing talents. Take pics of amused too, I'm dying to see progress! :)

And for dvd's if you have a bit of extra cash, check out circuit city, they're closing and "slashing" prices, so you might luck out with something inexpensive. Don't want to kill the laptop from overuse! :)

Karen said...

Oh Boy! Very excited to see TYC this week.

One of the pair of socks I knitted up for Henry is in Swish, it is soft and was fun to knit.

Excited to see Amused progress.

Don't feel bad about wearing out the dvd player. Some days you just HAVE to turn on the tv and keep it on.


Liz said...

I can't wait to see it-- you better bring it Thurs! :)