Monday, February 23, 2009

Tubey CO

You know what THAT means. I'm done with Amused! It's drying. After finishing last night, I CO for Tubey. The pattern said to use a crochet provisional CO. But in this case I was able to use the Magic CO, which you see here, now ready for knitting. Now I just need to CO my Firestarters socks. :-)

BTW I washed my Amused, made from Swish Worsted, on delicate/cold inside out with only one other item (the cami I plan on wearing with it). How different the yarn looks after washing! With previous items knit with Swish, I think I washed them on regular/cold and with other clothes. They got fuzzy, but otherwise felt the same. This time there was no fuzziness, and a little of the thickness went away. Also, I'm drying it flat, not in the dryer as I've done in the past. Now I'm curious to see what Amused looks like on -- can't wait!
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