Thursday, February 12, 2009

AI Favs and Harry Potter Stuff

Season 8 of American Idol has finally reached the point where we get down to business. The first 12 of the Top 36 (dance video and Time of My Life video montage) who perform next week are packed with talent, and I hope that my favorites make it! Of the guys, I like Danny Gokey and Matt Giraud the best. Danny has soul and looks related to Robert Downey, Jr., while Matt has impressive piano playing skills and reminds me of Justin Timberlake. There are others, like Anoop Desai for example, but I thought I'd pare my favorites down to just a few names. Of the girls, there aren't as many standouts like the guys. I like Alexis Grace, Jessica Langseth, and Lil Rounds. Jackie Tohn seems interesting, too. BTW Jessica Langseth is Johnny Lang's sister, if you're familiar with blues music or play guitar.

I thought I'd include my favorite video clips of Danny Gokey and Matt Giraud.
Audition For AI
Hollywood Week: Kiss From A Rose (my favorite clip!)
Hollywood Week: I Hope You Dance
Hollywood Week: Group Number
Matt Giraud:
Audition For AI
Hollywood Week: Georgia
Hollywood Week: Group Number

Oh, yes...I found a Harry Potter website that I have to share:
I found it when Googling "Potter family tree." After viewing the Potters, I checked out the Weasleys and the Malfoys. JK Rowling's handwritten family tree of the Weasleys, post-DH, has George marrying Angelina Johnson (the Quidditch player who went to the Yule Ball with Fred), and Victoire Weasley (girl from DH Epilogue who kissed Teddy Lupin at King's Cross) is listed as Bill and Fleur's daughter. As for the Malfoys, Draco married Astoria Greengrass and had a son named Scorpius Hyperion. This page is also a fun read -- it contains post-DH info from interviews with JK Rowling. She clearly explains the events in the last chapters of Deathy Hallows. I love how she has all this extra information about characters that wasn't included in the books!

Almost done with my Pomatomus socks -- woohoo!

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Karen said...

The HP Lexicon has grown and grown! The family tree stuff is so cool.

Have you read my sister's write up of going to the NYC JKR reading?

I'm going to check out your AI vids. I have a Singing Angel friend who worked with Adam Lambert so I'm following him a bit to see what happens.

Excited to see the socks!