Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crappers! The Collar Is Wonky

Last night I got a few cable repeats done on my Amused collar and discovered that the cable centers had shifted over 2 sts. Checking the pattern, I hadn't misread it. The center shifts because the collar is worked in the opposite direction from the panels. In other words, k2 p2 upside down becomes p2 k2. So instead of encountering k2 p2 at the cable start, you see p2 k2. To keep it simple I think, the designer shifted the cable starting point so that it would begin with k2 by inserting p2: sl1 k2 p2 C8R C8L. However, the work presents itself as sl1 k2 C8R C8L. At first I thought the shift was unavoidable because maybe the cables really did have to begin with k2. But, since the purl sts don't show anyway, I'm thinking I can begin the C8R on the p2. I've only done a couple of cable repeats. So, I think I'll frog back and find out. Hopefully this will work! It wouldn't matter so much if you couldn't see the shift. But you can, and so I will try to fix it.

There's a sneek peek of the new yarns and colorways on the last page (p.48) of the March Knit Picks catalog! Check it out online!

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