Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another FO: Sunset Pullover

This is Sunset Pullover from Knit Picks. I used the pattern yarn: Knit Picks Vacation. It's a cotton/tactel/nylon/acrylic yarn made in Italy. The pattern is no longer available, and the yarn is now on sale. So, I'm assuming that Knit Picks isn't continuing with this yarn line. When I purchased the yarn, my first choice was the pattern color tangerine which looked like a "sunset." But, the color was no longer available. So, I went with Ocean.

It's a wonder that this pullover turned out because, 3 inches into the raglan seam, I could see that I was going to run out of yarn. I had just enough to cover my shoulders. When I had an estimated 4 rounds left, I drastically decreased the neckline to make sure that the top of the sweater didn't fall off my shoulders. When I bound off the neckline, I ran out of yarn three stitches to go! Luckily, I hadn't woven in all the tails because I ended up snipping off part of a tail to complete the neckline BO. Whew!

So, the neckline isn't even close to the pattern. Also, the sleeves turned out shorter than expected (very rare for me). But, I'm OK with the end result. It will be nice to wear outside on a cool evening/morning near the end of summer.

Current Projects: Clapotis and The Somewhat Cowl

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lacy Baby Shrug (Nearly) Complete

Per the pattern, I have completed the lacy baby shrug from the July 2006 Creative Knitting Magazine. However, I would like to add a crochet edge to the bottom back to compensate for the tugging in of the 3-needle BO seam that runs down the center.

The shrug is too big totally due to the fact that I ignored the pattern gauge... The pattern says "baby weight cotton blend yarn" and uses US 3 needles. So I assumed that meant a light sport/heavy fingering weight yarn and therefore bought Shine Sport from Knit Picks. However, the pattern gauge reads 10 spi. Looking back, it makes sense that a lighter weight yarn should've been used because there's a lot of 1x1 rib. I made the 18 months size, but it turned out to fit a two- to possibly four-year-old. At first, I thought that I might give this shrug to an older child. But, now I'm not so sure because it took forever to make the ruffle, and it looks too darn cute on Marie!

Since Blogger is having troubles, I will post pictures later in a separate post.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Oh, Clap-ola!

I got about 3 repeats into the center section on Clapotis and realized that, despite purchasing a 4th hank of yarn, I won't have enough to complete the pattern as written. Darn it! Or rather, "ribbit!" I frogged back about 4 ladders in to make the scarf less wide. I can sacrifice width for length when it comes to scarves. Since frogging, I've progressed to the center section again. The next time I make this, I'm going for lighter weight yarn. The Rio yarn is classified as 4-5 spi, but looking at it and knitting it, I'd compare it to a bulky weight yarn. It's a thick/thin yarn with the majority of it being thick. I love how soft it is. Before frogging, I got to feel what the ladders are like - so airy! Looking forward to dropping more stitches - it's fun!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Got Some Rio

Mmmmm! I got some Rio de la Plata 3-ply worsted weight yarn from Knitters Mercantile. It's soooo soft that I can't stop touching it! The colorway I purchased is Gold Fusion ~ Evergreen ~ Camellia Rose (MLM09), which translates to gold ~ green ~ pink ~ blue. It's a mix that could be used for either fall or spring. I bought it for Clapotis. 'Can't wait to finish the summer stuff now! Here are pics for your enjoyment. Notice which magazine is peeking out from under the yarn?

A closeup.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Calla FO pics

I present to you Calla.

I finished her Friday afternoon and wore her unblocked out to dinner, ice cream, and a stroll. Very comfy!! Oh, and yes, I wore a camisole underneath. ;) Most people shop for camisoles after or while purchasing a top. Not me in this case: I bought the camisole first and later chose to knit Calla to layer over it to hide the smuggled raisins. I used TLC Cotton Plus, which I love for both the softness and repetitive machine washability. You might be wondering if the yarn was too hot to wear outdoors? Well, yesterday was the first day of relief for us Ohioans, and this tank worked out perfectly for the beautiful upper-80's weather we had. It sure was nice to be outdoors for a change! This is my last exclusively summer project.

Now, back to the lacy baby shrug and Sunset Pullover... I've been mulling over what to knit and when this fall. Besides the usual sweaters, I'm interested in making a KnitKit bag/tote/purse and felted clogs. There's also Christmas to consider... Between finishing my two OTNs projects and beginning my fall projects, I'm going to make The Somewhat Cowl. I've had the yarn for this for most of the summer. With the yarn being an alpaca/tencel blend, this is the perfect time to knit it in preparation for the late summer/early fall weather.

My mind has really been on Clapotis and also some scarf and shawl projects from Scarf Style. Have you seen the beautiful Ene's Scarf made by Rachel at Lickety Knit?! She used Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the Sand Ridge colorway.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lacy Baby Shrug WIP

Here's my progress on the lacy baby shrug from Creative Knitting magazine. The picture shows a nearly complete right side and a just-begun left side. The yarn is Knit Picks Shine Sport in the hydrangea colorway. The shrug is knit in two separate pieces from the wrist to the center of the body. Later, I-cord ties and a lacy ruffle will be added. I belong to a knitalong for this project on KH Forum.

Here's a picture of my beloved kitty Honeysuckle who still remains lost.