Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sunshine and Shadows Resurfaces

Sunshine and Shadows. That's the name of this cross stitch design by Barbara & Cheryl. Before knitting (so about 5 years ago) is the last time I worked on this. As with knitting, I used to be really into cross stitch. At that time, knitting took away time from cross stitch because I was making a baby blanket for my daughter. I was also having trouble finding several of the DMC colors for this design and would've had to special order them but forgot. Anyway, I'm hoping to occasionally work on Sunshine and Shadows. There's a cross stitch store in Kenny Center where The Yarn Shop is, and I need to check them out and see if they have the missing colors I need.

BTW my favorite cross stitch designs are landscapes that use every single fabric square. I don't like samplers. If I can remember, I'll have to snap some pics of my framed FOs. I have three in particular that I love: a mountain lake at sunset, the Pacific Ocean shoreline with a crashing wave, and a family of cats with a black backdrop and brocade curtain. The cat design is still boxed up somewhere in the basement from when we moved here. I'll have to find it...

Knitting News? I'll be finishing the first sleeve on Tubey. When I get the second sleeve done, I might go back and add length to the sweater. I'm still debating whether I'll use my leftover Lawn Swish Worsted. Probably not, but it's still on the table.

Next up after Tubey: frogging old projects to make new ones. I'm going to frog my purple DROPS garter stitch tank and my improvised terracotta Cotton-Ease maternity top. With the yarn from each of these, I hope to make one of the more recent patterns I favorited on Ravelry.

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