Sunday, March 01, 2009

Down Tubey, Down!

There's a lot to be said for trying things on as you knit! Since the last time I blogged, I put my Tubey sleeves on strings and picked up the body stitches. It looked OK, but I knew I'd better try it on before continuing. Ack! The front neckline was way too high. I think I over compensated for trying to cover bra straps. Although if I lowered the neckline any further, it would be at the sleeve join (i.e., the armpit!). I realized that, due solely to lowering the neckline, I'd have to join for the sleeves later at each end. And so... I ripped out the body I'd started and ripped back the sleeves to the join. 8 rows were added at each end before joining. Now I'm back to picking up body sts. Gotta get this right! I guess I could've made the M rather than the S to begin with. But then again, I'm glad the back is smaller in the hope of preventing any pouchiness.

My Firestarter toes are complete. I didn't realize how much attention it requires to do a short-row toe! I must've re-done the first toe four times. In theory, picking up double wraps is simple. In practice, picking them up and working them together with the wrapped stitch is tricky. It's easy to have accidents happen. After searching the internet, I found a helpful post that suggested working the double-wrapped stitch and then passing the already slipped double wraps from the right needle over the stitch just worked. This seemed to work and look nice. Basically, it was a SKP (or should I say S2KP2?). The next time I do a short-row toe, I might consider doing Japanese short rows, or YOs, or encroachment just to avoid dealing with teeny tiny double wraps. I hear that Cookie A. uses YOs... BTW, the Firestarters are positioned a little differently on the needles. The socks are worked off center with the side cable patterns at the ends of each needle to make doing the cables easier (to avoid splitting the cable pattern down the middle).

Gotta remember to watch Amazing Race tonight! I forgot last week...

Oh, one more thing. I've discovered a new game: Farkle! Have you played it? I loved Yahtzee when I was kid. So, this game is fun for me.

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Karen said...

Farkle? My sister's roommate learned the game somewhere, can't remember where or when, but the family loves the game. Allison (sister) bought a set of super cool Farkle dice while visiting said roommate in Germany. Roommate's sister went on to have Farkle dice favors for her wedding. They bought 8 pounds or some such huge amount of dice from somewhere and made up little game bags. Best wedding favor Evah!

Glad you are making Tubey progress even if you had to frog a bit. The tiny wraps on the toes make my head hurt. Looking forward to seeing both projects.