Sunday, March 29, 2009

Strawberry Latte Socks Half Done

Last year at Knitters Connection, I received a bag full of one-skein yarns. One was a 50g hank of Claudia Handpainted fingering weight yarn in the Strawberry Latte colorway. With only 50g, I put off casting on any socks until October, and even then I only completed the short-row toe to put them aside and turn my attention to sweaters. When I finished Tubey, my last winter sweater, I finally pulled the strawberry latte socks back out and finished one. Having such little yarn, I decided to made ankle socks with short-row toes and heels. Since I didn't completely like the toes, I decided to try a Sherman heel. I think I like it! Although, what I really want is to work towards doing heels with pinless Japanese short rows. For the ribbing, I modified it to 1x1 twisted rib and shortened it to 5 rounds. After reading on Ravelry that EZ's sewn BO looks nice when done on the WS, I did the same.

Last weekend, I finished recycling cotton yarn from an ill-sized tank top. I've included a picture of it soaking. I still can't believe I took the hanks out of the mesh bag and let them get tossed around freely in the dryer. Then again, at that point I was pretty tired of the whole process. I haven't knit too much on Bright, my recycled yarn project, this week since I've been working on my strawberry latte socks. But, I bet I will when I finish these socks. My Firestarters (with Felici sock yarn) have totally taken a back burner! I'll have to get back to those soon, too... and my cross stitch!

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