Friday, March 06, 2009

Blaze Almost Two Years Later

On Ravelry, there's just one finished project I have listed in my projects that doesn't have an FO picture... until now. The pattern is Blaze from Knitty. I've only worn it once and that was with a turtleneck because the neckline was too wide and loose. Many other people that made this pattern experienced the same thing. Two years ago this July when I began making Blaze, I was just getting comfortable with tweaking minor parts of patterns. I tweaked Blaze, but not exactly to my liking, and so it lay forgotten since September 2007. The yarn I used was so snuggly soft: Peru Luxury DK, an alpaca, silk, and merino blend. When I recently came across Blaze again, the zigzag cables looked so nice. I'd worked hard on those, and it seemed a waste not to try and fix it. It amazed me that it only took 5-10 minutes to figure out what to do. Two years ago, the solution wouldn't have come so fast.

With the weather getting milder, it's the perfect time to wear this! In fact, I wore it tonight to knit night. Some of my knitting buddies must've thought I made this in one week because they suggested I need more sleep. Hee! :-) No, really ladies, all I did was rip out the BO and do a decrease round before BO again. That took, like, 20 minutes tops.
Pattern: Blaze, from Knitty; Size M
Yarn: Peru Luxury DK, khaki
Needles: US5 and US6
Mods: On neck shaping, I followed the directions for the L/XL rather than the M (bringing the stitch count to 165). This wasn't enough, so I followed that by [p1, k2tog, p1, k2], ending with p1, k2tog. This eliminated another 28 stitches, bringing the total down to 137. Then I BO in pattern.


Rebecca said...

I just want to know what gives you all this energy! Do you nap during the day? :-) LOVE the sweater! You make me want to knit sweaters!

Anonymous said...

I loved this sweater on you last night! All you girls at knit nite inspire me....maybe someday I'll knit a sweater for me. :)