Tuesday, March 03, 2009

So here's my Tubey progress. I'm so happy to be knitting blue! It's my favorite color, despite all the red and green knitted FOs you see in my picture galleries. It's nice to be past the one stressful part of Tubey (i.e., picking up stitches for the body). Now I can relax the rest of the way. Ah, yes...

Technical notes on Tubey (skip ahead some of you):
I used US5 circs to CO and pick up sts for the body. After a couple of rounds, I switched back to US7's. I tacked down the corners of the neckline and duplicate stitched the body tube border under the arms to reinforce both areas. Next I plan to insert some short rows because, not only is it obvious when you see the differing heights of the front and back of the body tube, but a few people on Ravelry have mentioned that the front is slightly shorter. No problem.

This is my progress on my Firestarter socks. I've only completed one pattern repeat so far. Can you tell that the sts are shifted around to make knitting the cable pattern easier? I'm liking the Felici yarn. BTW Felici, pronounced fuh-LEE-chee, is an Italian plural adjective meaning "happy." I mention this because I'm knitting "happy" Firestarters, or better yet, "happy" feet (If you didn't see the movie Happy Feet or hate knitting socks, this wouldn't mean much to you). If I were knitting just one sock I guess it would be un piede felice (fuh-LEE-chay), a happy foot. Oh, silly me. I'm glad I find little things such as this amusing in life. I wonder who over at Knit Picks knows Italian and/or chose the Felici yarn name...

A recent photo of my kiddos. I love them in these outfits. Marie's wearing an Ariel costume, held together at the sleeves with safety pins no less, and Ian is wearing some monkey pajamas. I like this picture :-)

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Bean Counting Knitter said...

That is such a sweet picture of your babies. :-)

Awesome knitting update.