Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Taylor won

Early in the competition, I liked Kat and thought she'd be a finalist along with Chris. I wasn't sure about Taylor, even though I enjoyed watching his performances. He made it to the finals and never failed to disappoint. After watching the performances tonight, I think Taylor deserves to win. He just seemed more sincere to me and more able to adapt to whatever song was thrown at him. Kat was not as pleasing to watch, which has been a building feeling with me as it got closer to the finals. She always smiles during serious lyrics and, in general, flashes her glossy smile too much. I don't "feel" the song when she sings. She appears to emote, but I just don't feel it. Don't get me wrong: she has an excellent singing voice and great control. Now, she needs to work on being less mechanical. Anyway, and maybe I'm mistaken, but it seemed Kat either lacked the confidence tonight or just wasn't into it. My vote went to Taylor. Go Taylor! Soul Patrol!

While watching TV, I got to the potential short row section of Green Gable. I definitely need to put them in unless I want people to see my bra outline! Also, the sleeves were too tight, unless it was just the scrap yarn that made it seem that way. I did like how the lace and neckline fit.

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