Thursday, May 18, 2006

Never Since High School

Have you seen this: It's called the Healthy Body Calculator. After entering information about height, weight, frame, daily activity, dietary intake, etc., this calculator shows your target weight range along with your frame size, BMI, suggested daily caloric intake, and a breakdown into grams of fat, protein, carbs, etc. My weight falls into the overweight/overfat range with a BMI of 26. Never since high school have I been in the healthy range, which for me is 110-120 lb. Then again, I've always been slightly overweight since I hit my teens. It's a little aggravating when people say, "Oh, you look fine. You don't need to lose any weight. You're so petite." Well yes, I'm petite, but only in height, not in size. I'm 5' 2." I'm just very good at hiding the weight with clothing that accentuates the positive. But, when you fall off the healthy living bandwagon by failing to watch what goes into your mouth and failing to exercise, you put on weight and wear Size L in women's clothing, despite the fact that you're only 5' 2."

My pre-pregnancy weight was 139. Thankfully, I had a healthy pregnancy, which included running up until 6 months, and I ended up losing all the baby weight. It's been over a year since my daughter was born, and I haven't succeeded in getting into a consistent running program. I've dabbled into running a few weeks at a time, but am not currently running. I don't have any really good excuses. The solid gold one I've been using since becoming a temporary SAHM is the one about my "narrow window of opportunity." I can't run until my husband gets home from work (I'm not into jogging strollers! Running is ME time.). Pre-child, I ran as soon as I got home from work. Now that I have to wait until hubby gets home, my running pushes dinner time to near 8:00 pm, sometimes later. As I'm typing this, I'm realizing, though, that hubby could snack on something until dinner...

Now, I need to finally focus on getting where I should be with my weight and diet. Ever since I've been overweight, I've always wanted to be at a healthy weight and feel AND look good. With all the running in the world, I don't think 110 is even possible. So, I'm thinking 115-120 would be a good target. So, that means I should lose about 20-25 lb. Wow, OK.

Oh yeah, knitting... I'm near finishing Short Snort Tank. Reid has been sitting gathering dust this week since getting seamed. I just need to crochet the edge... which is why it sits gathering dust! Green Gable is nearing the part where the sleeve stitches get dropped. Sunset Pullover? Well, I'm still working on that first sleeve.

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