Friday, May 12, 2006

Finally, after all these years...

... a swimsuit that fits and looks good! When I was least expecting it, I found probably the best swimsuit ever. Yesterday, I was shopping at Target and was ready to go through the checkout. But, I saw the swimsuits nearby and remembered that I'm going to the beach this weekend. Ahem. This is the first time at the beach since having my daughter, so I didn't really want to wear a bikini -- HELL-o, deflated everything. Lo and behold, I found a clearance rack tankini two-piece at under $5 each! Normally, I wouldn't be excited at this point, but the colors (wee!) and the style (wahoo!)... The top is a V-neck halter (to hold the deflated balloons up) and the color is a chocolate brown with a thin coral stripe woven horizontally just below the bust. I love chocolate brown and look good in coral. Yay!

OK, now on to knitting stuff... I currently have four projects going. My primary focus is on a Knitty pattern called Reid. It's a toddler lace cardigan I'm making for my daughter. I'm trying to get it done before we go to the beach this weekend so that she can wear it as a coverup. The yarn I'm using is Lily Sugar'nCream Rosewood. I'm also working on the following projects:

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Whitney said...

Good luck with your blog, I like what you have so far. I love Target too, and I always have several projects on the needles. Just wanted to leave you a comment and say good luck!!!