Monday, May 04, 2009

Jaywalkers #2 In Progress

I've knit Monkey, Jaywalker, and Pomatomus socks. So far, except for the Monkeys, I've liked the socks I've made (more later on why I dislike the Monkeys). I always knew I'd make Jaywalkers again someday, and that day has finally come. At knit night last Thursday, I CO for toe-up Jays with my KP Felici yarn. Using Priscilla Gibson-Roberts' YO short-row toe, I CO for the smallest size, 8". The Felici yarn has a bit more give to it than the Regia Bamboo (which I loved btw) I used on my first Jays. So, the socks feel a little looser than I remember. Then again, I'm knitting them toe-up, and the stockinette sole should be looser than the fully-patterned leg anyway. To be cautious though, I searched the posts on toe-up Jays to see what people were saying. Come to find out, the numbers had been changed in the toe-up pattern. Following what another Raveler did, I decided to keep the original cuff-down pattern's numbers by placing the heel markers around the center 22 sole stitches rather than 38. Also, I plan on increasing the sole stitches to 54 rather than 70. Luckily, in choosing to increase to 54, the pattern directions remain the same: I'll still be adding 16 stitches outside each of the markers for the gusset as written. The maximum number of sole stitches will be 92 rather than 108. It sounds like a lot of changes, but really it's just one.

My next socks will not be striped, variegated, marled, handpainted, what have you. I've only ever done socks with multi-color yarn. Time to branch out! I'd love to do Pomatomus socks in spruce kettle-dyed KP Essential sock yarn. I'd also like to try the Essential Tweed and Risata. I've been holding off on using cotton sock yarn because of my Monkeys. I used a boring cotton yarn to make my toe-up Monkeys (the Los Manos Locos adaptation) and hated the result. They're bulky and heavy, and I never wear them! Despite my bad feelings towards my Monkeys, I've kept my mind open about the Risata. I'll have to see if any of my knitting friends have tried Risata before I ever buy any.

I just printed off a chart that goes along with a universal toe-up sock pattern, Judy Gibson's "Putting Me On Socks," to see what my numbers should be when it comes to size. Really, I should just get More Sensational Knitted Socks, which is what I really want. Maybe by my birthday this summer?

AI Thoughts
This week should be very interesting with Slash as the mentor. He didn't agree to it until they gave him free reign with the contestants. All his Tweets sound promising, so I hope it's a good show tomorrow. Supposedly, there will be solos and duets. Good, more performances means less judge banter!

So sorry to hear about David Cook's brother... That was big of him to still do his honorary duties and run the Race For Hope 5K. There's a YouTube video of him after the race where he lets the runners know about his brother's passing.

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NextVanGogh said...

I agree, you should buy more sensational socks... it has all that charting done for you, it's fab!