Tuesday, April 28, 2009

AI Top 5 Perform

UPDATE #2: OK. Now that I've gone back and listened to each person again, I have my rankings and why:
1. Adam -- do I need to explain?
2. Allison -- awesome vocals and song choice
3. Kris -- classy, smooth, confident vocals and stuck to his strengths
4. Danny -- everything was great until the end: he went a little OTT
5. Matt -- pitchy, and the phrasing and runs were not quite gelling for me

Who I personally want in the Top 3? Adam, Kris, and Allison.

UPDATE #1: Well, damn. That was some good singing tonight!!! I thought everyone kicked it up a notch. Kris provided smooth vocals with nice phrasing. Allison picked the perfect song and sounded awesome. Matt, though he might be going home this week, calmed his nerves enough for us to hear his real voice on a song I love. Danny finally had that spark that's been missing for several weeks and picked a perfect song. Then Adam... I'll quote my husband: "That mofo can sing!" Wow, I don't even know how to rank everyone. I applaud everyone tonight, although I will say that Adam hit it out of the ball park. I was so glad to see everyone else step up to the plate and deliver.
Kris - What a cutie! If you thought it was boring, then it was the song because he sang it the way it should be done. Total crooner. He's such a class act!
Allison - Looked very beautiful tonight. She kept to her style, yet stayed true to the song. Exquisite. This was a favorite performance of hers for me. Born talent.
Matt - If this week is his week to go, I'm proud of him for going out with a bang. He did so well, and I loved how he refrained from singing in falsetto and doing too many runs for most of the song. I finally heard his voice, and it was lovely.
Danny - That's what's been missing! Good job and great song. I finally enjoyed watching him sing, and I haven't liked him since Kiss From A Rose. He showed that he wants this.
Adam - What an entrance and exit! When I saw that he was going to sing this song, I wondered what route he would take. I like Michael Bublé's rendition, so I was hoping that Adam wouldn't stray too far from it. He didn't, but he definitely put his own spin on it. I told Jared that he looks like a cross between Kurt Russell and Elvis, smirks and all.

Pre-Show Comments: Ooh, ooh, ooh: The spoilers are saying that Kris and Matt will be singing The Way You Look Tonight and My Funny Valentine, respectively. I love those songs! Can't wait to hear them.

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