Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Led Zeppelin Allowed On Idol... Yyyyeesssss!

Check out Adam's performance of Whole Lotta Love: http://video.yahoo.com/watch/5009052/13325538

On Ravelry's American Idol forum, the pre-show talk mentioned how Adam would sound great doing this song (or any Zeppelin tune), but probably wouldn't be allowed due to licensure and adult lyrics. But, HELLO! They DID allow it! Jared said they toned done the lyrics at the beginning, but Adam did get away with the word "inch." Well heck, I guess they did let Flo Rida sing a song about... well, we won't say that here.

Before the show started, I tried to get onto mjsbigblog, but couldn't (high traffic?). So I was totally and pleasantly surprised when the pre-performance clip rolled and showed Adam wailing on Zeppelin with Slash. Cool, just really cool. I'll be downloading that for sure. Question is, the audio or the video? Both? :-)

Obviously the rest of the performances couldn't compete. But, I will say that I loved Allison's performances tonight. That had to have been fun to do that duet with Adam at the end. I think Simon was right when he said that their duet together might save her one more week. After Allison, I thought Kris was next best. As always, he's slightly limited vocally. But what he does have, he does deftly and in tune, which is more than I can say for Danny tonight. Danny was pitchy and might've ruined his chances tonight with that hideous scream at the end of Dream On. Leading up to that make-it-or-brake-it upper-octave part, he looked like a deer in headlights. (There are some hilarious comments about that high part on Ravelry.) And what was up with his boots? I could've slapped Simon when he unnecessarily compared Danny to Kris, saying that Danny was better. Really, Simon?! Oh well, Danny dug a big hole for himself with his solo. I also noticed that the AI editing team managed to recap that horrendous scream at the end of the show (<>).

My rankings:
1. Adam

2. Allison
3. Kris

4. Danny

I voted for everyone but Danny. As mentioned on several sites, I don't think Adam will have any trouble this week after what happened with the votes last week. Even casual Adam fans will be voting tonight. I'm worried about Danny not going home when he deserves it...

A random AI note: I think one of the guitarists tonight was the really awesome one from the house band on Rockstar.

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