Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Both Won In My Opinion

Even though I knew it was a strong possibility that Kris Allen might win American Idol, at the very last second I really thought Adam would. So I'm as stunned as Kris. When I voted last night, I first voted for Kris. Then after a crisis of conscience, I voted the remaining time left for Adam. His talent and performance skills just couldn't be denied despite the fact that I like Kris's acoustic-rock style. I like them BOTH and think it's too difficult to compare them! Both really won tonight. Actually, I won't be surprised is all top 4 contestants get record deals immediately.

There were some fun duets tonight! I loved Allison and Cyndi Lauper singing Time After Time, my favorite Cyndi Lauper tune. Jason Mraz's group number and Keith Urban's duet with Kris were both enjoyable, and I loved Adam and Chris singing with Queen. I jumped off the couch when I heard the beginning of We Are the Champions. They sure had fun with that! KISS wasn't so hot, but Adam got to wear platform boots and do his rock wail. I'm curious to know what lyrics were censored on Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas. I'll have to check that out...

Oh, and I loved seeing my favorite Idol David Cook perform again! He was the underdog last year to David Archuleta, although the difference there is that he could sing just as well and often better than Archie. Like Kris, David did cool song arrangements. By the end of last season, people could clearly see that Cook was more well rounded, seasoned, and exciting than Archie. Going back to this season, I think Danny really shot himself in the foot by following in David Archuleta's footsteps. He became boring despite his initial popularity. People became more interested in Kris than Danny. Kris and Adam ultimately were the two most exciting contestants, Adam from the get-go and Kris building momentum as the season progressed.

Speaking of David Cook again: He'll be here in Columbus on my birthday... yes, that's right, MY BIRTHDAY! So you know where'll I'll be then, don't you?

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Karen said...

Yes they both won.

Wasn't Fergie wearing a skirt then there was the 'AI LOGO' then I noticed no skirt but little hot pants. I'm wondering if the skirt removal was too racy for network tv. That's my guess.

Allison was just so sweet and riled up and cute tonight.

KISS is so not my thing but I loved seeing Adam all glamed up rocking his Crawl Through the Fire Boots. I'd like to see Kris stand next to Adam in those boots. lol.

Loved the song from the ford commercial and the Queen song where we finally got to hear Adam and Kris duet a bit.

We can dish more on Thursday. :-)