Tuesday, May 12, 2009

AI Semi-Final Performances

Other than Kris' awesome second song, the only thing I can say about the other performances is that Round 2 with their own picks was much better than Round 1.
"Dance Little Sister" -- I probably shouldn't have listened to Terence Trent D'Arby sing this on YouTube before watching Danny because I wasn't impressed at all. His voice sounded kinda shot right from the beginning. Perhaps from singing with his throat at all the multitude of hometown visits?
"You Are So Beautiful To Me" -- Much better. However, since when is singing Joe Cocker without changing it up much good to do on American Idol? Not current at all. Bleh. And Simon? A vocal master class?! Really?!!
"Apologize" -- Considering I find this song slightly boring to begin with, I thought Kris did a decent job on it. I actually liked him at the piano since he's usually playing guitar. After hearing his first song, I was crossing my fingers that his second song would knock the judges' socks off.
"Heartless" -- What a way to flip the bird at the judges! He took a current song and made it even more current, and it sounded completely his. Big risk, lots of originality. Kudos to Kris for walking out there with just his guitar and showing that he deserves to be in the finals.
"One" -- I really like Adam, but I did NOT like this arrangement whatsoever. I held my breath while he sang the slow beginning and then shook my head in disappointment when the song picked up. I was hoping it would pick up, but didn't approve of the style. Casual or non-fans of U2 might like this, but as a longtime loyal fan, I did not. He messed with it too much and totally in the wrong way. Even Mary J. Blige knew to sing this song straight so that you can hear the lyrics. After this post, I'll have to go back and try to listen to it again, if I can.
"Cryin' -- As MJ says on her blog, not as good as "Whole Lotta Love" or "Mad World." As well as Adam always does, I'm not sure that I'll remember that performance. It was clearly more than competent, but I prefer Steven Tyler much better on this. I'm not sure that Aerosmith should be a band that Adam covers.

Overally, I think that the only compelling performance tonight was Kris' "Heartless." Everyone seemed worn out from their hometown visits, and I felt underwhelmed by what I saw, except for Kris of course. Since Adam will be the most sought out contestant after this is all over, I'm more focused on my boy Kris beating that Taylor Hicks soundalike. Therefore, I voted for two hours straight and managed to get in almost 150 votes. The Gokey Kool-Aid drinkers must be stopped. Please!

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Karen said...

Good write up Jackie. Looking forward to live AI dish action on Thursday at Knit Knit.

Here are a few thoughts for now.

I think all three guys are emotionally and physically exhausted from the homecoming activities. Adam probably the least since he was pretty much local and he is used to the 7-8 show a week grind of being in stage production.

Last night was not good. The sound mix was awful.

Kris really shone in Heartless with his guitar. I would LOVE to see a Kris/Adam final two.

I would LOVE To hear Kris/Adam do a duet, an actual duet where they give and take, working together to create a performance where they both shine, like the Adam/Allison duet. Allison shone with confidence and pretty much kicked serious ass in that duet.

The Danny/Kris duet was a joke. The Danny Express just rolled on over Kris.

I really hope Kris and Adam make the finals, but I'm genuinely worried about both of them.