Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pre-Idol Talk and Spoilers

Just found out that Kris'll be singing Heartless by Kanye West. I found a version on YouTube sung by The Fray. Word is, Kris is doing it acoustic, just him and his guitar. I bet he'll take a little from The Fray's cover version. Here's the video:

Kris has to sing Apologize by OneRepublic. I sure hope he makes that song sound a little different! Adam is singing Aerosmith's Cryin' and U2's One. He's changed the arrangement of One, so I'll be interested to see if I like it. Supposedly the dress rehearsal audience liked Adam and Kris the best. Danny sounded "breathy, strained, and awkward" (according to a twitter I read) on You Are So Beautiful, backed by a string quartet. Unfortunately, his other song, Dance Little Sister, sounded decent though (grr).

Go Kris and Adam!!!!!! Oh man, I hope that Kris leaves everything on that stage and Adam shames Danny when he shows the real way to sing Aerosmith -- HA!

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