Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yay Kris Allen! ...and Zoo Trip

We have an Adam Lambert/Kris Allen finale! I'm so glad that Kris' amazing talent finally shone through to the voters. This will be an exciting show next week! With only 1 million votes separating them, I can't wait to see Kris and Adam turn up the dial. Woohoo! ...and did you see how glad they both seemed that they were the final two? The really get along well.

Did everyone see Katy Perry's cape at the beginning of her performance on AI tonight? How could you not?! I'd read earlier that Adam is her favorite according to a Tweet she made. I thought her little pro-Adam stunt was cute. She's definitely interesting to watch, to say the least.

Jordin Sparks looked nice and sounded OK. Although, I'm reminded of how less than stellar that particular season's contestants were. When I try to name all the Idols in order, I always seem to stumble on the Jordin Sparks and Taylor Hicks years.

Marie's little socks are nearing the heel. Since I'm not using any fancy stitch pattern, I've been noticing how loose the ends of Side 1 are for both socks. No matter how tightly I work the stitches before and after, I'm getting a ladder on just that side of both socks. However, the beginning of Side 1 for both socks looks fantastic. So what's up with that?! Ladders at one end but not the other? Crazy socks.

Since we have a free 30-day upgrade to TWC's Standard package from the Basic, I've been occasionally catching The Sopranos on A&E, edited of course. Oh, how I miss that show. Jared and I still need to finish seeing the last season on dvd. We were on a roll until we went from one to two kids. I've also been enjoying Food Network, too. I learned how to eye measurements and improvise from watching many cooking shows on that channel.

The zoo was absolutely beautiful yesterday. I took the kids after lunch for a nice 2-hour visit. This time we visited only the west side of the zoo since there were some animals out that hadn't been since last fall. We saw bonobos, mandrills, and okapis. Colo, the famous 52-year-old female gorilla, was sitting right in front of the window in the indoor viewing area. I promised Marie that next time, hopefully next week, we'd finish seeing that side of the zoo, including the gibbons, kangaroos, boat ride, otters, komodo dragons, and the nocturnal Australian animals. Maybe they'll have the orangutans out soon? We always see the reptiles, aquarium, and the manatees. Marie loves "driving" the boat with Jack Hanna in the manatee building! Recently, the last time we went, I took the kids inside the building next door to the barn. Ian loved getting out of the stroller to run and climb. That building lets little kids have fun and play while learning about animals and the outdoors. If I were a kid, my favorite part would be crawling under the surface of the stream water and sliding down the hollowed out log. Marie and Ian seemed to like the tree area the best. It reminded me of Raleigh's Natural Science Museum (on a much smaller scale), except that you're not allowed to touch or climb on anything.

Is anyone else still in shock that Helen won The Biggest Loser? My jaw dropped when she was announced the winner over Tara, my personal favorite and the person I thought was unbeatable. Props to Helen. You go girl! Not only did she beat all the guys, she, 48-years-old young, beat a twentysomething. Who would of thought that?! The Pink Team has had 3 consecutive winners now.

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