Wednesday, April 15, 2009

AI Results and Skirtie/Skort Update

Well, I agree with the bottom three even though I ranked Anoop higher this week. Like myself, maybe other people are noticing the limitations of his singing ability. But, it should've been Lil going home with no judges' save! Even when Matt or Allison have a bad week, they totally sound better than her. Oh well, she'll be horrible next week singing disco (Who are we kidding? She'll be horrible whatever the theme is!), so maybe I won't have to wait long for her to go.

As for the judges saving Matt: Yes, he doesn't have a chance of winning this, as Simon said, but he was talented enough to be worth saving. He's the first person since Alexis Grace (who should still be in this competition but isn't because it was too early to use the save) that I would consider saving. With Lil still around, the only other person not worth saving is Anoop. I think the final four will be Adam, Kris, Danny, and Allison. I think everyone except Lil and Anoop will do well on disco.

I'm halfway through knitting the skirt of Marie's skirtie/skort. I had her try it on, and it fits very well. This being a prototype for future skirties/skorts, I'm noting anything I want to change for next time. Changes to consider: 1) single-stranded rather than double-stranded; 2) elastic waistband; 3) alter the panty part so that it's more like panties than shorts; and 4) alter the lines of the skirt. I'm tired of knitting with old acrylic baby yarn. So, I might not dive right into making the next skort when I finish this one...

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