Monday, April 13, 2009

No More Chewbacca Hair

Friday, Marie got her hair cut. Then Saturday, I got mine cut, too! Yeah, I still have a lot of hair, no doubt. But, we're not talking Chewbacca or floor mop proportions any more. As for length, there's an inch, if that, at the back. It feels SO GOOD!!! I'm always vacillating back and forth between short and long styles with the seasons and temperament. I think shorter styles suite me much better. 'Easy to fix and lightweight, not to mention the option of wearing it a little straighter (although, my hair won't completely straighten). Don't mind the bloodshot eyes and dark circles. It was a long day. So long, I might have to unwind with a nice glass of wine, and I rarely do that (kids?).

May I suggest NOT using the Easter egg decorating kits that include metallic sheets and extremely sticky glue with dye tablets? Uh, yeah. Poor Marie didn't get to help me because it was a total mess. Next year we're sticking with the tried and true method of simply dyeing them. Maybe when she's much older we'll try the fiddly, more artistic methods that require time and patience.

We were completely unorthodox and let Marie help make the Easter baskets Saturday night. She really wanted to, so that was fine with me. I don't think we even mentioned the Easter Bunny. My mom sort of took care of that by getting the kids little stuffed animal bunny rabbits in gift pails full of Easter goodies. All the cousins did an egg hunt outside before dinner. A good time was had by all.

The last time I tried to solve a Rubik's Cube was when they first came out until tonight. At my parents' house, there are a few cubes lying around. Since I had that topic on my mind lately (I'll be good and not bore anyone with why since it's math related ;-p ), I picked one up and tried to do it. Ha! I got as far as solving one side. When I did that, then I tried it again with all the other colors. I really don't remember any of the tricks! So now I'm curious. I will be solving that puppy asap.

I'm almost finished with the underpanty of the skirt I'm making for Marie. What do you call skirts with underpanties? Skirties? Skorts? Whatever it is, I hope that the color is not too baby-ish. The yarn is old acrylic baby yarn held double. Once I finish the underpanty, I'll pick up around the bottom of the waistband for the skirt.

The last thing to mention is that I'm completely enamored with Babbel and livemocha! After college, I sorely missed learning foreign languages. In middle and high school, I took French. In college, I took a lot of Italian and also Greek 101. Nothing would thrill me more than to relearn Italian and possibly try some new ones without paying a dime or leaving my house. Now I have that. Perhaps someday I'll get the chance to speak Italian while in Italy, so I might as well be prepared! Now if I could just roll my "r's" better. That's about as tricky as hula hooping is to me (although Stephanie gives me hope that it's possible!).
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Bean Counting Knitter said...

Very pretty hairdo. Must have been a haircut weekend. I got mine all chopped off on Saturday. I am still trying to get a decent picture to post.

Rebecca said...

I LOVE the hair! So jealous!!!!!!

Robin said...

Love the hair!!
Skorts- I remember those!

Sharon said...

You look fabulous in your new 'do. It's seriously flattering on you!

Jackie F. said...

Thank you! Y'all are too nice!!!! I will say this: getting a good haircut sure does make one feel ten times better. I needed to boost my spirits after a crappy week, and chopping off the hair worked wonders :-) Jackie