Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another FO: Sunset Pullover

This is Sunset Pullover from Knit Picks. I used the pattern yarn: Knit Picks Vacation. It's a cotton/tactel/nylon/acrylic yarn made in Italy. The pattern is no longer available, and the yarn is now on sale. So, I'm assuming that Knit Picks isn't continuing with this yarn line. When I purchased the yarn, my first choice was the pattern color tangerine which looked like a "sunset." But, the color was no longer available. So, I went with Ocean.

It's a wonder that this pullover turned out because, 3 inches into the raglan seam, I could see that I was going to run out of yarn. I had just enough to cover my shoulders. When I had an estimated 4 rounds left, I drastically decreased the neckline to make sure that the top of the sweater didn't fall off my shoulders. When I bound off the neckline, I ran out of yarn three stitches to go! Luckily, I hadn't woven in all the tails because I ended up snipping off part of a tail to complete the neckline BO. Whew!

So, the neckline isn't even close to the pattern. Also, the sleeves turned out shorter than expected (very rare for me). But, I'm OK with the end result. It will be nice to wear outside on a cool evening/morning near the end of summer.

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Saun said...

It looks great and I like the color choice. It's a good thing you hadn't gut the tails so that you could finish.

Whimsical Knitting said...

Love it!! It turned out did a fantastic job with the changes as you were running out of yarn..wtg!