Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mi Escuelita FO Pics: Part 1

I haven't sewn the buttons on yet, but here's a sneak peek of Marie's pink Mi Escuelita cardigan. Near the end of knitting this, I was sweating it because I wasn't sure if I had enough yarn. It turns out I did with just a little to spare. Thank goodness because JoAnns no longer sells that particular line of yarn any more.

In other news... I've been running (again) for a week. Well, make that jogging/walking! It's always tough getting back into it. Today I mapped my run in advance on and went 3.4 miles. I'll admit it was grueling. In fact, I'm still feeling like I got the wind kicked out of me. Can't wait to be in shape again!

We ate the homemade chicken noodle soup I made yesterday. Using split chicken breasts, I first made broth in my crockpot keeping the carrots, onions, and celery and skinning and chunking the chicken. I saved that in the fridge and finished the soup today by adding cooked kluski noodles and storebought chicken broth (since there's not enough homemade broth to compensate for the chicken and noodles). Yum, yum!

If you've never seen the movie Stand and Deliver, I highly recommend it. This is on the heels of hearing today that Jaime Escalante, the movie's inspiration, just died of cancer. It's such a cool true story. I used to show that movie to my high school math students, college-prep or not. You know it's a good movie when kids who hate math love it! Edward James Olmos does a great job portraying the main character.

In case you haven't seen my video postings on Facebook and Ravelry, CBS did a story on Sunday morning related to knitting and Ravelry. Last year sometime, Mo Rocca made several knitters angry by saying that homemade sweaters "itch" on the NPR show Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! A group on Ravelry was formed in response, and Norah Gaughan (a famous knitting designer) took it upon herself to choose a pattern and yarn for multiple knitters to make Mo a sweater to prove him wrong. Franklin Habit, a knitting designer and comic, along with some other Chicago-area knitters presented Mo the sweater on the very NPR show where Mo made the infamous comment. I really enjoyed reading about and watching this story, especially since Mo took it upon himself to learn how to knit. Btw, there are some nice, close-up pictures of Mo's sweater on Ravelry. Another btw: Thanks to CBS plugging Ravelry as the "Mecca for Knitters" and showing the cute new login page, Ravelry experienced a swell in membership on Sunday. :-D
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NextVanGogh said...

sweater looks very nice!

Bean Counting Knitter said...

What a super cute sweater.