Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Cherry Edwardians

Here are my Edwardian Boating Socks IP with the new Knit Picks Stroll Tonal (Queen Anne colorway). The cell phone photo shown here doesn't quite do it justice. It's an awesome range of peachy pink dipping into a slight touch of yellow, just like the cherries for which it's named. The pattern I chose is supposed to look like the oars of a boat flanked by linen stitch. I thought the linen stitch might be too tight or too stiff, but that hasn't been the case since I've been conscious of my tension while doing it. I CO double the amount of stitches and decreased in 2x2 rib on the first round using k2togtbl and p2tog. Aren't they pretty? I love the new tonals! My next Stroll Tonal purchase will be Blue Yonder where I'll revisit Cookie A's Pomatomus sock pattern.

Late last night I finished Marie's new pink cardigan, Mi Escuelita (from Knitty). Once I get the buttons sewn on and take some pics, I'll do another post. That won't be till Friday at earliest. Luckily, it fits her just right and will make a nice spring sweater to wear over short sleeve shirts on the preschool playground or at the zoo. The shawl collar turned out really nice and cozy, and I think Marie is digging the slant afterthought pockets I added to the pattern.

Now that I'm done with Marie's cardigan, I'm going to focus more attention on my Cherry Edwardians. Of course, I have to have a sweater on the needles to balance out the sock knitting, right?! So... My choices are: 1) start Ian's brown cardigan, 2) start Marie's mosaic tunic, 3) finish Wright (my purple drapeneck top), or 4) start Ian's pajama pants. With the exception of Wright, I want to finish these projects before I begin my long-awaited short sleeve Annie Modesitt cardigan. Oh (sigh), so many projects and not enough hours in the day to knit everything I want to! Such is the pleasantry of being a knitter :-)
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