Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wahoo, It's Here!

Due to snowstorms in Washington and bad weather here in Ohio, not to mention post-holiday giftcard shoppers, I finally received a long-awaited package from Knit Picks! Back on January 9th, I ordered some sock yarn, fixed circulars, cable cases, needle tips, and cables. They were shipped on the 19th and received today, 1/21. I also ordered some harmony cable needles, but they're backordered until 1/30. In the pics, you'll see Marie hovering around the sock yarn. She thought it was really cool and did NOT want me to put it back into the box for safekeeping. Both yarns are very soft and have beautiful colorways. Yummmmm.

Since the Lost Boys and Coney Island colorways (from Imagination and Felici sock yarn lines, respectively) are being clearanced, I HAD to buy some! Those are colorways I've always wanted. The patterns I intend to use are Firestarter and Pomatomus (I think I spelled that right.). I'm so glad to finally purchase some US1 (2.5 mm) fixed circulars for these socks because my Addi Turbos are permanently damaged (i.e., crimped in the middle). My Addis are US2's, which have always been a bit too large. Now I have US1 and US0 fixed circs for socks! Now the question is, which pattern for which yarn?!

The backordered cable needles were intended for Amused. Now that I have the US9 needle tips, I can go ahead with this pattern when I finish TYC. I'm not going to wait on the cable needles. But, I hope they come before I finish the cabling on Amused. Speaking of Amused, I think I know what I'll do when I get to the bottom of the cable panels: a fellow Raveler used p2togs after the join to avoid the pouchy blouson effect created by the changeover to stockinette from cables.

For those interested, here's a You Tube link to the OSUMB in the Inaugural Parade yesterday. When I was in the band, we got to play for Clinton and Gore on the Oval at Ohio State.

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