Saturday, January 24, 2009

CO for Pomatomus Socks

Using Knit Picks Imagination in the Lost Boys colorway, I cast on for Pomatomus. Using a German Twist CO, I've finished the twisted rib cuffs and half of the first chart. I'm at the part where you have to put a yarnover at the end of the pattern repeat, which can be a little tricky with one circular. Ask me how I know! My gut was telling me, "You can't end one side with a yarnover!" I made it through Round 14 last night, but had to tink back 3 rounds because of the yarnovers. Unfortunately, I'd been placing my yarnovers at the beginning of the next side. I found out this doesn't work when you get to the next round. Oops! Now I know to trust the pattern and put the YO's at the end.

I'm just glad to be past the CO and the first few rounds of these socks because I don't like doing magic loop cuff down. Toe-up is much simpler. If it weren't for not being completely satisfied with the cuff BO, I'd do all my socks toe up. Although... I do like challenging my comfort zone at times, which is why I chose these socks.

I took a few days off from Tangled Yoke Cardigan to start my Pomatomus socks. The TYC collar needs to be re-done, and I needed to take a little break. I followed the instruction for doing the 3-needle BO, and it doesn't look or feel right. Inside, there is a hard, thick ridge that won't feel good on the neck. Outside, I can tell I didn't pull the collar down far enough to reach the stockinette because the first two rows of the collar pucker. So after frogging the 3-needle BO, I'm going to sew the collar instead. I did see a video on how to do a tuck stitch that might not be as thick as the 3-needle BO, but I think I'll stick with sewing it.

Speaking of videos, I saw one on You Tube that showed how to do the braided trim for the Sienna hat by Knitwhits. What a really cool technique! I've seen it on stranded gloves/mittens or ones with corrugated rib and often wondered what that was.

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