Monday, January 26, 2009

Ariel Camera and Knitting News

While shopping for birthday gifts, I happened to find this Ariel play camera for only $3.99. Marie is really into taking pictures (correction: she likes to HAVE her picture taken, the little ham) and trying to access our digital camera. She also loves Ariel, who is her favorite princess. Her eyes lit up when I handed her the camera, and she's been playing with it ever since. I believe our digital camera is now safe (until she gets a little older and wiser). That was a well-spent $3.99.

I'm reading about the Harry Potter Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap. It sounds like a lot of fun. So, I'm trying to decide if I can do it. In the past, I've also looked at some LOTR swaps. But, those were pricey. The HSKS costs $25-$40 and requires weekly participation (see link for details). Hmm, should I use the portkey and enter this? I don't know yet!

I took some pictures of my in-progress Pomatomus socks to show how I'm wrapping the yarn for the yarnovers that land at the end of the 12-st pattern repeat (which coincides with the ends of sides 1 and 2 for each sock. They are done at the beginning of each sock's sts on Rnd12Side2 and Rnd13Side1 by wrapping under and behind the back cable. Once I upload the pics, I'll post them. When I get to Rnd22, I'm going to take pictures of how I rearrange sts with locked stitch markers. The pattern directions are for DPNs, so 2-at-a-time magic loopers have to adapt. 2xML knitters have to do a Ktbl for 2 of the locked sts on side 2. The other two locked sts get worked on Rnd1Side1 at the ends of each sock's sts. Previously, I thought you had to do an inactive row just to rearrange the sts, but that step can be eliminated.

Once I finally finish TYC and then make Amused and Tubey, I might frog my oversized Blaze, the sweater with the zigzag cables. I've been putting that off, but need to do it if I'm ever going to wear it! I also need to get back to making my DK knitting case. I've been focusing all my attention since last Thursday on my Pomatomi!

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Karen said...

Looking forward to seeing your sock progress. You are rocking the fishscale socks.

I'm using your yarn in a bag for 2 socks at once trick. Thank You! It's a big help. You rock!