Monday, December 29, 2008

Whew, That Was Close!

I seriously wonder sometimes if my kids are killing off my brain cells little by little. I was already put-a-fork-in-me D-O-N-E when my youngest spilled my iced tea all over some finished pieces of my Tangled Yoke Cardigan and the couch. They were the completed body and one completed sleeve on holders. I ran them downstairs and soaked them in room temperature water, then spun them out in the washer. I can't believe I spun them out in the washer because the body was on a Knit Picks cable with end caps, and the sleeve was on scrap yarn holders secured with square knots! Both pieces dried overnight, and they turned out OK. Thank goodness!

I'm currently on the second sleeve. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to go back and frog half the first sleeve because I just realized that I did 8 rounds too many of the garter rib. In theory, 8 rounds in sport yarn doesn't seem like enough to frog at first. But with my short arms, it just doesn't look right. The garter rib would be longer than the stockinette portion as well as the length of the garter rib on the body. So, off to tinkland I go!

Speaking of the sleeves, good thing I kept track of the length while knitting. The increases are every 14th round, with the last increase on the 16th round followed by some extra rounds of even stockinette. In my case, I made the last increase on the 14th round and stopped there without knitting the extra stockinette rounds because I had 17.5 inches.

Now for some really good news to make up for my knitting near catastrophe: I'M ONE OF THE KNITPICKS YARN GIVEAWAY CONTEST WINNERS!!!!! Oh yeah!!!!! I submitted my Ravelry ID and blog URL in the comments section of the giveaway annoucement, along with my choice and reason behind my choice for one of three new Knitty patterns: Amused, Surface, and Knowbody Knows. Not thinking that I'd win, I didn't check back until 4 days after I'd received word that I was one of the three Amused yarn winners. They chose three winners for Amused and one winner each for the other two patterns. I got to choose between three colors of Swish worsted. Since I already had one of the color choices (Marine Heather) and am currently knitting a Telemark colorway similar to a second choice (Copper), I went with the third color: Lawn. Can't wait to get my yarn and make Amused! Although, I plan on finishing my TYC first.

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