Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Two Reliable Solutions To Share

Solution #1
I failed to mention in my previous post that the TV remote got iced tea spilled on it at the same time as my Tangled Yoke Cardigan. For the second time, I used rice to save the remote. Since this has worked twice, I thought I'd mention it here. If your remote loses functionality on some buttons due to some liquid being spilled on it, you can fill a bowl with uncooked rice and bury the remote facedown in the rice. I usually leave it overnight. Magically, the rice absorbs the moisture from the remote. I'm talking about the moisture inside the remote! Before the latest attempt at saving our remote, the left side buttons didn't work. After sitting in rice facedown all night, those buttons now work. I'm not sure that this would work with pop or anything else sugary, though, since the high fructose corn syrup usually destroys everything it touches as it dries and gets sticky. Ask me how I know (pop on a computer keyboard...).

Solution #2
A useful diaper rash concoction that I recently had to make for Ian:

Balmex (or any other zinc oxide product)
generic Clotrimazole (anti-fungal found in the foot care section)
generic hydrocortisone

Mix together all three ingredients in a small sealable container, using more of the Balmex and less of the hydrocortisone than the Clotrimazole. Does that make sense? Listed in order of ingredient amounts: Balmex, Clotrimazole, hydrocortisone. This works for extremely bad diaper rashes when hydrocortisone is required because regular diaper rash creams won't adhere (ouch!) to the skin. The anti-fungal is optional. It's for "meaty" rashes. I got this recipe from a pediatric nurse practitioner. She said that some pharmacies sell a similar concoction that's supposedly really expensive. That was nice of her to save me some money. Anyway, hope I didn't gross anyone out too much!

Knitting News?
None today, other than I'm working on the sleeves of my TYC :-)

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Brandy said...

Another good diaper rash solution is : mint flavored Malox and Aquaphor. Apparently it dries, mosturizes, and the mint helps with any pain. Odd things we learn as moms huh!