Thursday, December 18, 2008

Finally Got My Mojo For TYC

Though I don't have any pics at the moment, I've been actually getting somewhere on my Tangled Yoke Cardigan. I'm on the waist increases as we speak with two more to go. The long garter rib wore me out and was rough on my fingertips. I had to stop and knit some dishcloths to give my fingertips some time to recover, especially my left index fingertip. There was the beginning of a small hole in it! Yikes! I'm using rough yarn and sharp needle tips, which is why my fingertips have suffered so much abuse. Now that I'm done with the garter rib and doing stockinette, things are back to normal. Although, I've been using more hand lotion ;-)
Speaking of dishcloths, I have some pics to show of those. I made three total: Chinese Waves, Bamboo Cloth Variation 2, and Blissful Moss Rib. All were made from Lily Sugar'n'Cream. I thought I'd try various bind offs for fun. For the Chinese Waves pattern, I used the traditional BO. With Blissful Moss Rib, I used the suspended BO I learned from Stitch Diva on You Tube. For the Bamboo Cloth Variation 2, I used what I was told (on Ravelry) was the Lucy Neatby modified conventional BO (?). Of the latter two, I think I liked the suspended BO best because it wasn't too loose or too tight.

I wish I wasn't suffering from maternal mush brain so that I could also think and write about other topics. It's one of those days where I'm SO looking forward to knit night to regain some sanity! Oh wait, I though of one thing I could mention... Yesterday, I took Marie and Ian to a friend's to paint baked Christmas ornaments and have lunch. The night before, I stayed up late creating our ornaments from salt dough. Let me just say that I'm definitely no artist when it comes to molding and shaping. But, I did have fun attempting to make Tasha (from Backyardigans on Nick Jr.)! Too bad I made Tasha and a few other ornaments too big and too thick. They didn't harden completely and cracked when removing from the cookie sheet. I think they might be too heavy to hang on the tree LOL. Though my first salt dough ornament making wasn't too successful, I'm looking forward to making some more now. Marie really had fun painting!

Oh wait, now I know something else to mention. Sunday night when it was almost balmy here (mid-40s), the family went to Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo. We're members, so we got in free and didn't end up spending a dime, not even for parking. We went after dinner and spent about three hours there. Near the end of our visit, we took Marie and Ian to see Santa. When it was their turn, both of them stared up at Santa and then at the photographer. But Marie remembered to turn and tell Santa, "It's Wall-E!!!!" before being whisked off his lap. Santa said, "Oh, OK." I got video of it with our digital camera, although you can't hear Marie. I think what made me laugh was being reminded of the scene in A Christmas Story where Ralphie remembers at the last second what he wants for Christmas. Marie was so overwhelmed from being in Santa's presence that she didn't think until the last second to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas.

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