Monday, November 17, 2008

Marie Casting On

Oh my, this really had to be shared! Last night while trying to begin Thorpe, Marie kept asking me how to knit so that she could "make clothes" for Tasha from Backyardigans (a character from an animated kids show on Nick Jr. and Noggin, if you don't have kids ;-)). I had brought my tray of knitting needles into the living room when beginning Thorpe, and she had picked out my purple plastic Crystal Palace DAISY US 13 straights. So, I got her some old Wool-Ease Thick & Quick and showed her the backward loop CO. I thought, OK, maybe she'll just pretend to knit from there... Today, she asks me to "make a pretzel" (aka slipknot) so that she can cast on again! Anyway, here she is casting on. She'll be four in 2 months. So cute! Well, I'm biased :-)
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Anonymous said...

Oh, I just loved watching Marie casting on. Look how cool she thought she was!! I am tickled with how quickly her little hand motion was with the backward loop. Just as you think she's done, she pauses and then, wham, she's got another one wrapped around her thumb and ready for the big needle!! She'll be whipping up clothes in no time flat!!

Lisa, from Ravelry( Knitterlee)

Nik said...

how brilliant is that child?!!!!!!!!!!Can I share this video on my blog?

Jackie F. said...

Can I share this video on my blog?

Sure :-) Hey, I'm glad to see the Raleigh SnB is still going strong!

Barbara said...

Wow -- Look at Marie cast on!! That is priceless. Hope she makes her first scarf soon!! She sure is growing.