Tuesday, November 11, 2008

CPH and Some More Toddler Pants

Included here are pictures of my Central Park Hoodie and Itchy Fingers Longies. I thought I'd also add some additional pics of the zipper installation on my CPH. What do you think? The pointy hood is interesting, but everything else turned out alright. I can't believe this is the first cardigan I've made for myself after four years of knitting! All the cardigans I have made were for my kids. I've only made pullovers for myself.

For CPH, I used Knit Picks WOTA in forest heather. I added bust short rows, I-cord edging, a zipper closure, short row shoulders with 3-needle BO, and tubular CO for the ribbing. Oh, and I added length and grafted the top of the hood. Since finishing this hoodie I've soaked it and, after some wear, shaved it. It's my go-to sweater at the moment. Love it!

The pants/longies are my 2nd from the Itchy Finger Longies pattern. These are easy to knit up. I'm targeting my stash acrylic yarn since Ian can always use an extra pair of pants. Next up in the near future are some Wool-Ease pants in various colors... I used TLC Essentials in Meadow with Lionbrand Vanna's Choice in Taupe.

The zipper instructions on Chic Knits site were very handy. I'd recommend them for sure! This was my second zipper installation, but my first nice-looking one. The I-cord gets a bit flattened by the backstitching, but I don't think that really matters much.

Wow, two blog posts in one night! I haven't done that in a while. I feel so caught up :-)