Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Clapotis Revisited

I can't say enough about the new fabric shaver I got from Knit Picks. Not so much for the shaver itself, but for what it does. Two years ago, I made Clapotis by Kate Gilbert. But, I never wore it outside my home. Why? You'd especially be asking why when I tell you how much I paid for the yarn. Well... I used a three-ply kettle-dyed thick-thin merino: Rio de la Plata in a melange of three colorways. Beautiful, except that my Clapotis unblocked turned out bulky, heavy, fuzzy, and wouldn't lie flat. Well, like I said, it's been two years. Since my new fabric shaver worked so well on my CPH and Alison's Scarf, I thought why not try it out on Clapotis? Night and day is the difference!

Next, I decided to wet block it by soaking it in a sample of Soak. It gets even BETTER. I discovered recently that my washer has a drain/spin mode. Woohoo! I put that sucker in the washer after soaking, straight from the bucket without even squeezing out any water. Voila, Clapotis revisited and reborn. Check out the pics. The first two pics are of the unblocked Clapotis and the yarn I used. there is also a picture of the blocked Clapotis with a matching unblocked Clapotis hat so that you can compare blocked vs. unblocked.

The post following this one will be pics only of Ian wearing his new pants (Itchy Fingers Longies).

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