Saturday, March 22, 2008

A 3T Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet Finished

Um yeah, I love Ravelry! Being on Ravelry has kept me from posting for a while -- you can imagine why if you're a fellow Raveler. There are so many ways to spend your time there. I haven't even finished entering all my projects. I know some people are probably of the mind not to put everything on there, but I decided that I should... even the mistakes or boring ones. When I get on Ravelry, I usually always check my friends' activity and blogs, then I check the forums, and finally I randomly look at patterns and yarn. I really like seeing what other people are queueing and their adventures in knitting.

You really can find almost all possible interests in the groups on Ravelry. I find it nice to have one place to read many different forums. I can read knitting and non-knitting topics. Just this week, I started the Couch to 5K running program I read about on Yarn and Sneakers (Note: Now there's a C25K group to allow multiple threads concerning C25K). I never would've found out about this online running program if it weren't for Ravelry. I could list why I like all the other groups I've joined on Ravelry, but it would take up the rest of this post!

On to knitting news: last night I finished a 3T-size Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet for my three-year-old, just in time for Easter. The pattern had generalized directions using Elizabeth Zimmerman's percentage system. So, it was easy to customize the pattern using my pink worsted weight Swish yarn and a 23" chest measurement. I ended up using the stockinette side instead of the reverse stockinette side as the right side. The only other mods were a wider neck, shorter length 1x1 ribbing, 4-st garter bands rather than 2 since I wasn't using bulky yarn, and a one-row buttonhole ('cause a little girl doesn't need an expensive clasp or dangerous shawl pin!). For the button, I had one Peter Rabbit button left in my button supply that will be perfect for Easter. What luck! Marie's wearing a blue floral print dress that will match the blue of Peter Rabbit's outfit. When I take pictures tomorrow, I'll try to post them asap.

Have you seen the new colors and yarns at Knit Picks? They're not all there yet according to the podcast (#36) I heard at the Knitting Community on Knit Picks' site. I'm excited because they're adding colors to their existing spring/summer lines, and are adding some new yarns. One that's coming soon is called Comfy, which will be a cotton/microfiber blend with the purpose of adding crimp to the cotton so that it behaves like their Mainline yarn (a wool/cotton blend) yet is a cooler warm weather option. Can't wait to get my catalog! In the meantime, I'll be checking the Knit Picks site regularly to see if any new colors or yarns have been added.

Sorry, no pics!

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