Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Knitting Update and Pics

DONE! Finally finished my Swish Superwash projects. The pink shrug is a 4T version of Anthropologie-inspired Capelet, and the blue baby shorts are from the Itchy Fingers' Longies/Shorties pattern. I've only washed the shrug so far, and it came out of the dryer looking almost like the original. In fact, I was surprised to find that it still had a cushiony feel to it and didn't have much of a halo. It did shrink slightly but not enough for concern, especially since it's just a shrug. I really enjoyed knitting the shorties! It took only two skeins of Swish. Now that I've gotten my feet wet, I plan on knitting the occasional pair of shorties or longies.

WORKING ON: I'm almost done with Fifi! Hopefully, I'll be able to wear it this weekend and take pics. Although, I might wait to post them because I'm really curious to see how it washes. I started a princess dress for Marie made out of one of those huge skeins ( 582 yds) of Bernat Worsted. It's really cute when she keeps asking, "Is that a princess dress for me?"

QUEUE: Next up is a sleeveless tank from Vogue Knitting using the new Comfy yarn from Knit Picks. I had this tank on my queue last summer but forgot about it. Can't wait to see how the Comfy knits up! I've put Henley Perfected on the back burner until I finish Fifi and Marie's dress.

SIGN ME UP! I signed up for Knitters Connection 2008 held in June here in Columbus, OH. I'll be taking the Girly Girl Knitting class (led by Candace Eisner Strick) to learn about ruching, smocking, quilting (in knitting? huh?), etc. I also signed up to meet the Ravelry team -- woohoo! Can't wait! Signing up for a class by Cat Bordhi would've been cool, too, but those spaces filled up really fast, and I could only afford one. Plus, I really wanted to learn more about "girly girl" knitting techniques.

Since I also signed up for Race for the Cure Columbus, I've been following an accelerated version of the Couch-to-5K running program. This'll be the first 5K I've run since having two kiddos! <:0


Nik said...

your little girl is really cute.
How have you been?

Anonymous said...

I loved the 4t shrug.How did you adjust the size?