Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Short Sleeve and Sleeveless Maternity Tops

...are nowhere to be found when Googled. What the heck? For the last couple of weeks, I've cruised the internet searching for summery patterns. Then I watched a recent episode of Oprah, where she interviews clothing designer Liz Lange, and realized that the current styles of maternity wear haven't been around long enough for the knitting world to catch up. Hopefully, in the next few years there will be summer maternity top patterns available in warm weather yarns (can you say cotton and bamboo!). In the meantime... let the creative juices flow, I say! Looking at all the empire waist or A-line tops in style today, I could make my own maternity tops. I got great ideas for necklines and sleeves from Erica's blog! She posts a lot of sewing pattern and fashion magazine photos. Most of the summer tops look like they could pass for maternity tops! Now, I just need to make a rough sketch and choose a yarn. I'm sure most knitters are saying, "Why knit something that's only going to last for a few months?" My answer to that is: 1) I love to knit summer tops and wear them a lot more than my other knits; and 2) Being pregnant in the summer means being h-o-t. Besides, I made more summer tops last year than any other kind of knits. Then again, I lived in the Southeast US where summer tops are the standard for several more months than here up north.

In the next few weeks, I'll be working on putting my thoughts to paper. The only thing holding me back will be finishing the cardigan I'm working on. Speaking of... I've made astounding progress on my dad's cardigan. I finished the body and cast on for the first sleeve today! Since I knit the body in one piece, the only seams are at the shoulders. So, I have the sleeves and the button band remaining.

My rankings of the American Idol performances from earlier this evening:
1. Melinda: What is there to say?
2. Phil: See Jordin's comments.
3. Jordin: Sometimes shaky and slightly pitchy, which is why I place her below Phil who was neither pitchy nor shaky. Not her best performance, though the judges beg to differ. I was a little disappointed because I know the song and didn't think she sang it as well as she could have.
4. Blake: He sung it straight and with heart. It would be hard to critique anyone on style when it comes to this song. A safe and easy song choice? Maybe. But, Blake has enough clout in the risk-taking department to have a free pass this week. At least he was better than last week.
5. Chris: How I would love to put him last. He just doesn't do it for me anymore. I liked him at first, but can't accept the nasally way he sings.
6. Lakisha: Oh, Lakisha. Why is your heart not in this anymore? You could've been in the final two. If I were you, I wouldn't keep picking songs that previous Idol winners have sung.

I finished reading/re-reading all the Jane Austen books, then went on to re-read the fifth and sixth Harry Potter books in preparation for the seventh book. After that I read A Deadly Yarn by Maggie Sefton, a murder mystery. Though nowhere close to being a literary masterpiece, I did enjoy the main character's love of knitting. She lives in a cottage across the street from a yarn shop and frequently makes short visits to knit there all throughout the book. I'm currently reading The Children of Hurin by J.R.R. Tolkien and have also started The Pursuit of Happyness by Chris Gardner. When not knitting or reading, I've been working on Su Doku Fiendish and Su Doku Difficult, each by Wayne Gould -- so addictive!

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