Thursday, April 19, 2007

Felted Purse, V-Neck Sweater, and Current WIP

As previously posted, I made a toddler pullover and a Christmas stocking. In addition to these two things, I also made some bulky alpaca mittens with my leftover yarn from Alison's Scarf. However, I'm not posting pics because... I don't know -- I guess I don't want to. Hmf!

The felted purse was a free pattern from I used Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Arctic Pool Heather and Chocolate. This yarn felts really fast!

The V-neck sweater was a gift for my mom for Christmas. I used my own design and Knitpicks Decadence in Grape. The focus for this sweater was on the exaggerated V-neck, which is why I only show that part of the sweater (and because it was a gift...). BTW, Decadence is decadent!

My current WIP is a long-sleeve V-neck cardigan for my dad. I'm using Ann Budd's sweater design book for sizing purposes. The yarn is Knitpicks Merino Style in Nutmeg. Note: The left and right fronts are complete but folded down onto the sweater.

I can't wait to try CotLin from Knitpicks! Now that it's about time to switch over to warm weather knitting (i.e., NO WOOL OR ALPACA!), I'm considering what I want to knit this year. Since I'm having a late summer/early fall baby, I plan on making one or more baby items in cotton. For myself, I might try to make one maternity thing, if that. It might be more prudent to make things for early fall, just after the baby... Don't know, yet!

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Nik said...

I want to try CotLin myself. But I had to wait on ordering some because I placed a huge order from KnitPicks last week and had to let the debit card cool down a bit. I think I'll order some in a couple of weeks.