Thursday, June 15, 2006

It's Official: We're Moving Back!

We're moving back to Ohio in 3 weeks! Hubby got a job in Columbus, our hometown. We've lived in Raleigh over 8 years. He went to grad school, while I took some grad coursework to become a math teacher. Most of the family and some of our longtime friends live near Columbus. Now our daughter will get to see her family more often.

I'll definitely miss my knitting group! Every Thursday, I've been going to Caribou Coffee to stitch and bitch. The women there are fun to talk to and very nice. I really look forward to Thursday nights. Other than a couple of regulars, you never know who else of the sporadic attendees will show. Lately, the group has dwindled to 2-3 people. The weather? Refusal to knit summer attire? Dislike of current regulars? Who knows why... I hope it's not the latter. That's kinda cliquish, don't ya think? Whatever. Anyway, after tonight there are only 2 more Thursdays of SnB before I move :_( I wonder how the SnB will be in Columbus? Of course, I'll keep you posted when that time comes ;)

Knitting Update:
I'm on the 5th lace repeat of Lotus Blossom Tank and the 3rd time through Chart 1 of Calla. I was thinking of creating my own pattern for a toddler apron top for Marie based on a pattern I saw on Little Turtle Knits. However, when I saw the very cute Katja pattern in the latest issue of which is roughly similar in style, I decided to go with that instead. So, in the near future I will be casting on for Katja. I might still create an apron top, although maybe not this summer.


Nik said...

but were're not letting you go.

how about THAT?

I'im happy that things are working out well for you. You know we'll miss your face around here. will you be there this thursday?

Barbara said...

I'm going to miss you! Who's going to help me with my knitting?? What -- no more little Ms. M stories. We are only an email away. Who knows -- maybe I'll be going to Cleveland for a knitting retreat one day. I'm not saying good bye!!