Thursday, July 09, 2009

I should be knitting right now! Oh well... I'll be getting my knit on at knit night anyway ;-)
Sheldon#2 is nearly finished, as well as my string bag.

Last night's SYTYCD was awesome. There were some standout dances and standout individuals. My favorite two dances of the night were Kayla and Kupono's "Addiction" dance and Janette and Brandon's pop jazz "Jewel Thieves." Kupono played his malevolent role of addiction very well, and I got chills when he smirked as Kayla, playing the addict, struggled to escape his grasp. Very powerful, memorable piece. Like last week's vampire dance with Sonya, I was mesmerized. They make a great pair. Janette and Brandon's combination of technique, fun, and chemistry with Wade Robson's choreography made their dance extremely fun to watch. I thought Janette looked like Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka the way she wore her hair and hat. Jeanine really shined during the jive she danced with Phillip. I can't wait to see who they partner her with next week. Speaking of which... I think the pairs should be:

Brandon and Jeanine/Kayla
Ade and Kayla/Janette
Kupono and Melissa/Jeanine
Jason and Janette/Melissa

That's assuming Evan and Caitlyn go home. If Evan stays, then I'd pair him with... Jeanine, I guess. Whoever gets Evan is very unlucky.

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