Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Before and After Pics

This is one of those times when the before picture is better than the after one (IMO). Today, I got my hair cut the Deva method (a method in which your hair is cut dry, curl by curl), and here are pictures for your perusal. The last picture is the after picture with the original styling products in my hair. I think it'll take me a week or so to see how I like this cut using my own conditioning and styling products. The Deva products seemed to dry out and frizz-ify my hair, which surprised me.

For those familiar with Deva products, my stylist used the low-poo shampoo and One Conditioner (wonderfully scented btw!). Then she put the heavier of the two gels in my hair. After drying under the hair bonnet (or whatever you call those thing-ys), she diffused it the rest of the way. Despite the appearance of my hair in the after/2nd pic, it looked halfway decent when I left the salon. It's after it completely dried that it got super frizzy and dry, and my head began to itch slightly.

My stylist Maria was very nice, and we talked CG stuff the whole time. She knows her stuff and practices what she teaches. She really enjoys cutting curly hair. She did one whole side and stopped to compare it to the other side, which was neat.

After picking the kids up from my mom's and returning home, I rinsed my hair in the tub, then CO-rinsed and styled it with my flax seed/LA Looks gel combo. My hair (and head ftm) feel and look better now. My head doesn't itch anymore, and my hair is softer although not as soft as it was before my haircut.


Courses and Wales said...

I felt the same way when I got my hair cut. They just can't know how you want to style it. I liked mine better after I plopped it the next morning. The cut was fabulous -- it's just they don't know how my front curls lay on my head and how I coax them into place.

Can't wait to see your hair tomorrow at Knit Knite!

Michelle said...

YOur hair looks cute in both! YOur hair/scalp must not like something in the Deva stuff! My hair generally looks silly after my stylist cuts it, but she isn't into the whole CG thing...