Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Yes, I'm finally done with Splash! For something that adds up to little area, this took longer than expected I must say. Maybe all the extra effort is the reason behind the numerous pics I've taken of this project! Well, and my little mermaid is kinda cute, too... Since the last post, I added I-cord straps and crochet edging. I also ran it through the washer and dryer, in a mesh bag. Since the Sparkle yarn is handwash, I was too scared to dry it all the way. Where is it now? On the proud owner while she sleeps ;-)
Now what? I can go back to my DROPS sleeveless tank and Henley Perfected. I've got the itch to make some small things, like: a bookcover, dishcloths, bibs, socks, and more kid tops or pants. I really need a bookcover for my Harry Potter books. When I re-read them, I remove the slipcovers so that my kids don't damage them. However, without the slipcover it needs protection of some kind. I'd love to try the new Knit Picks Imagination sock yarn, but that won't be available until sometime in September due to the overload of initial orders -- argh! The same thing happened with CotLin when it debuted...
I created a spreadsheet for all the different wrap positions for babywearing. I just couldn't remember all of them. There's an already-existing chart on The Babywearer site, but I wanted mine with short descriptions to jog the memory. Very helpful! I still use my adjustable pouch sling for trips away from home. It's so convenient when you need both hands and to relieve the strain of carrying a 10-month-old baby boy. My two kids and I went hiking at a local park, and I wore Ian on my hip behind my right arm. For a longer hike, I'd probably bring the wrap and use one of the two-shoulder back carries. Oh, hey... I should add a pic here of Ian in the wrap and in the sling! The sling pic is from November, and the wrap pic is from July 4th weekend.

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